About ClearBrand – Creative ideas for ambitious brands.

We invest time listening to our clients needs. With us you get a digital branding team that understand good principles of design. We develop and look after brands and projects that look great, build businesses and last the test of time.

We have a simple philosophy of design — to produce intelligent, concept-driven outcomes that are bespoke and relevant to their market. We help our clients connect with their audience — from startups to international brands.


Our People

Josh White – Creative Director


Josh has worked as a designer at award winning branding and corporate communications agencies in London, Brighton and Reading before setting up ClearBrand. Connect on Linkedin or email him to discuss how ClearBrand can help you connect with your audience.

Haishali Shah– Designer


A highly motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic designer. Haishali is a diligent, sociable and determined designer who can adapt to many varied situations in a calm and confident way. Haishali has worked across a mix of healthcare and technology projects and helps assist director levels on the main design parts of projects.

Jag Chohan

Jag Chohan,
Web Developer

Jag is always on the cutting edge of technology and trends. His innovative solutions always grabs attention & helps brand’s websites stand out from the crowd and allows them to become industry leaders.

Ilona Billington

Ilona Billington,

Ilona is capable of writing and editing for different audiences, in a range of styles as well as working well under pressure and to tight deadlines. Her experience includes longer and more in-depth features as well as snappy blogs across a range of platforms.

Stefan Cretu

Stefan Cretu

Stefan is an animator and motion designer. He takes pride in being able to take an idea from it’s initial concept all the way through to production. See his animation work here: Vimeo.com/clearbranduk

Intern – Graphic Designer

We have a monthly internship / placement position. To apply for an internship please visit the careers page to find out more.

Web Developers

We work with a talented range of inhouse and freelance web developers depending on the project. To apply to work with us please visit the careers page to find out more.

  • Why rebrand?

    Effective branding has the power to change people’s behaviour: to inform and inspire, to promote and persuade, to move and motivate. These days, people expect more from the brands they engage with. We help you connect with the right people and build the long-term relationships essential to growing your brand and bottom line.

    We help you find out what makes your business different. We call this your ‘core idea’. We deliver this idea to your audience in a clear, unique way.

  • Why our clients choose ClearBrand?

    We work hard at building lasting relationships with our clients. We see it as working with, rather than for you. With ClearBrand, you get an agency that listens to you and asks the right questions to get the best out of your Brand. Where do you want to be? What do you want people to think when they see your brand?

    We always advise honestly and select the best solution, based on our experience and research.