What is a typical schedule for work with clients?

1. ClearBrand to receive initial request of work from the client (either over phone / email / trello) with all information that would allow us to quote. If all content isn’t ready please state so. We will require as much information as possible to quote and please note the quote may be higher if we have to predict / estimate time based on not receiving full information from the client.

2. ClearBrand to price up these items and issue a 30% deposit with work itemised

3. Once the deposit is paid or we have received a PO for the work, ClearBrand and the client agree a date / time for initial call / meeting to discuss the agreed work. (if required)

4. Work by ClearBrand proceeds, with agreed amends rounds for the client

5. Work is completed by ClearBrand and a final invoice issued with 20 days notice to pay. (If this is the first job for the client the invoice will required to be paid before the handover of final artwork/assets)

What is a typical project scope?

For each item a typical scope would follow the below, customised to each job depending on the client requests and budget:
✔ ClearBrand to present XXX options for item requested
✔ Design supplied to client
✔ Client selects option + 1 set of amends after designs provided
✔ Design updated + supplied back to client
✔ 1 further set of amends after designs provided (if required)
✔ Artwork produced
✔ Final delivery as filetype requested
Estimated Deadline (unless requested otherwise):
All projects adhere to our Terms and Conditions here:
** Please note: one “set of amends” refers to one collated list of feedback supplied over email/trello. If the changes were discussed in person or over the phone they should be listed in email or trello and supplied to ClearBrand as a set of amends. Any work produced after the agreed set of amends or list of items will be charged at ClearBrand’s hourly rate of £60. This price will be communicated to the client before further work begins. See section 6 of terms and conditions above for more information.

How do you keep projects on time and in budget?

We ensure all our projects are well managed with mechanisms and processes in place to ensure protection of the project plan, which will be set up at the start of the project. We would begin with a round of due diligence on the quote to ensure it covered everything you expected it too and that any optional extras or unclear areas (from both sides) are fully scoped. Within this project plan we specify rounds of amends for each stage, with dated project milestones to keep the project on track. This is updated throughout the project. We have approval procedures in place to ensure each part of the project is signed off by the relevant stakeholders and decision makers at the right time. As we move through the project milestone gates we host project status calls/meetings to document any issues or project roadblocks (where required). We ensure we chase-up any outstanding project information that maybe delaying the timeline. Finally we ensure the project plan is updated according to any change requests made by the client and communicate if these are outside of project scope to ensure budgets are met.

How long do projects take?

Every job is different and every deadline is different. Really you should allow sufficient time for the designing and proofing of your work. If your deadline is very tight, we will do our  best to complete your work within this time. We will, of course, advise at the time of the work. We haven’t missed a deadline yet and don’t intend to in the future!

What if I don’t like the design work provided?

We’re partners in our projects with our clients.  We depend on the client providing us with decent initial direction and good feedback for a successful project.

In a common project our designers will provide three choices of design for Client’s review. The Client will select a choice. The Client has up to two to three rounds of revisions to refine the design. This process has lead to a secured outcome for the client and designer.

Feedback: Designers will not mind if you come to them saying, “Thank you for your first draft, but none of them really work for me.” However, your designer will definitely need specific information to get things the way you want them to be. As a client, it is important to understand that this is a process. To achieve this, give constructive feedback, Avoid vague comments, impossible requests and confusing direction. Instead, focus on giving clear reasons why the current designs are not working, and offer information to steer your designer in the right direction. Information can include additional adjectives and descriptions about your brand or project, resources like website copy and flyers, etc. Try to avoid being personal and instead focus on why this design won’t work for your company, or wider audience.

In the very rare case that after the scope of amendment stages are complete and you’re still not happy then additional rounds will be billed hourly. Our designer’s hourly studio rate is £60 per hour per attached contract.
Fort further info see the FAQ “How do you keep projects on time and in budget?”


What is your Website design process?

Please see below for an outline of a Website design process
Case study: Daily Poppins. 
1. Design a few pages for sign off. Put a clickable Invision link together for client to comment on CLICK FOR AN EXAMPLE INVISION LINK
(Note: Best viewed on a desktop. You can click the navigation. This is not responsive, but just a series of clickable links to visualise the pages on your new site) 
2. Develop the website on our testing servers
3. Move the website to your live servers

Do you offer Website Security and Backup services?

Once ClearBrand have finished working on a website to the scope agreed and it is live, it is now the responsibility of the client and their agreed hosting. We are not liable to any security issues related to the hosting companies files. We will in most cases be available to further develop the site, however we are not obliged to as a redesign agency. We code in an open source manner and this allows any developer to work on the project. If we reach capacity and can’t further develop we will make that clear and offer alternative solutions, or dates when we will be free to make updates with our current schedule. If there is a functional issue which was part of the original scope we will of course endeavour to complete this task. If you have an issue with the site this may be from a number of sources including your hosting, so we may have to charge on an ad hoc basis for the time to assess the issue and resolve. We develop and maintain many sites across our clients, however as a small agency our developers can’t always react to each case at that precise time. To ensure that we can react quickly to cases we have set up a pro support package – which we offer to our clients before or after launch of a site. Please get in touch regarding this.

Do you offer Website Disaster Recovery?

ClearBrand Limited do not offer disaster recovery services, we occasionally work with a website security company and can pass clients their details on request. If you would like weekend or 24/7 emergency support we can potentially provide a separate company’s details. Our Hours are 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. The above reflect those hours excluding holidays.

Do you host websites?

ClearBrand offers hosting services through a range of out-sourced companies with virtual servers.

ClearBrand will suggest a hosting company, but the client will set up the account with that hosting company and provide ClearBrand with logins to push the website live.  For further info see our terms in our footer.

Do you offer SEO / Digital marketing services?

For SEO we have two options:

1. For our web design and development services we currently have a basic SEO offering. Our basic SEO would cover a basic good practice set up: Headings, metas, 404 errors etc –

1a.     One off Simple Setup
1b.     Monthly ongoing SEO updates.

** Quotes would be based on a number of items including goals, page numbers etc in an initial conversation. i.e. we can set up what we think is right, or you can advise, or a mixture.

2. We work with an SEO specialist partner agency for more intensive SEO with higher requirements and budgets. We would introduce and they would most likely then ask follow up questions and deal directly with the client.


Quotes & Payments

How do i get a quote?

Every job is different and individual. We like to give an accurate quote, so we find the best and easiest way to do this is to have quick chat with you. Either call us on or drop us an email through our contact page with your phone number and briefly outline your requirements.

What is the fee / payment schedule?

The fee schedule is split into the following payments for the first job with new clients: 30% Deposit / 70% upon completion of each item itemised on the quotation. After our first project together, future jobs may be invoiced on completion with 20 days terms/notice, without the requirement for a deposit. All projects work to our terms and conditions.

Do you have a rate card for pricing?

Yes we do. Our rate card and daily and hourly prices are available on request from

Do you work to fixed rates or daily/hourly pricing?

We mostly work to fixed projects costs, with a combination of designers working on projects – however we do occasionally work to hourly rates, which may allow flexibility for budgets. These are listed on request. If you would like a project to work to an hourly rate please do state at the start of the project.

Do you offer discounts or retainers?

Retainer Prices

We work out project costs based on hours put towards a project. With long term clients who want to make savings we would suggest working on a retainer basis that allows your company to make savings on our hourly pricing by up to 30%. For a comparison of retainer pricing please request this at