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ClearBrand is a full-service website design agency. We help you to create an engaging experience for your users, with bespoke website design and development. As a website design service, we have made it our mission to design a website that drives interest, stands out and tracks your goals. Our experience has led ClearBrand to become a leading website design agency within Reading, Berkshire.

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Our unique website design service includes:

  • Bespoke design.

  • Websites which are optimal on all platforms.

  • Maximise you’re branding and get results.

  • Connect to your specific audience.

  • Highly engaging and intuitive.

  • Feature strong imagery.

  • Have a strong UX (User Experience).

  • Utilise modern web techniques.

  • Feature user-friendly CMS.

ClearBrand’s website design agency portfolio:

A few examples of our website design agency helping companies with their website. To see more website design, view our extensive online portfolio.

All of ClearBrand’s high-quality websites design features:

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All our websites are responsive so, they will work well on all devices featuring strong imagery.

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ClearBrands website designs feature clean and modern designs with the latest code embedded into the site.

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With the digital world always changing our websites are future-proofed to be updated to add new functionality, take payments, etc. when you need to add these.

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Our website designs are easy to update yourself as the client. You can add new pages, change the text and images or videos.

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Websites are speed checked to ensure they are optimised to high standards on handover to the client.

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Adopting an automatic backup system on your web design ensures prompt resolution of issues.

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All website designs will feature tools to update SEO (search engine optimisations) and tracking all-important analytics for your website from the get-go.

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Ensure that your website is secure with our maintenance packages with backup options mapped out.

ClearBrand’s unique process:

Discover IconDiscover

Market and user research

Develop Icon Develop


Create Icon Create


Implement Icon Implement

Refine &

Deliver Icon Deliver

Launch & Manage

Support Icon Support


Our website design agency stages:

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Initial Meeting

In the beginning, we ensure we have everything we need to begin your web design project and assets are supplied (Logos, colours, imagery, etc.) for the project. We agree a certain number of pages as a provisional sitemap and usually take a 30% deposit to begin.

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Discovery, Planning and Research

Here we learn about you and your target customer. Our team will advise on any suggestions for your website project. Then create a questionnaire to discover your internal preferences for the tone and style of the website. All our research is based on a combination of user-experience and psychology research and backed up with evidence to make subjective design decisions more objective.

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Design phase part I

Our agency will create 3 website design options for you to choose from using a 3-page template style. We offer a premium service, where we will put these designs in front of your users/customer base to feedback on their opinions so that you get a universal viewpoint than purely that of internal stakeholders.

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Design phase part II

Then we will select the preferred website design and go through a 3-stage amendment process to ensure all the website designs are fine-tuned and cover your requirements.

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Development phase part  I

During the first stage of development, our developers ensure they have everything needed for the front and rear-end website development. Also, briefing them on the implementation of the design files and the vision of the website.

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Development phase part II

In the second stage of development, we upload the final website content to a test site, based on the templates created at the first development stage.

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Development phase part III

At the final development stage, we implement the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practice onto all our websites based on their market and goals. Also, offering some premium SEO options. Testing is completed across multiple browsers and devices to ensure your website is performing to its optimal potential.

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Publishing, Hosting and Maintenance

Now we have the website design we will advise on the best options for hosting and maintenance for your website when going live and how to manage that going forward. With our history in web design, we have a range of suggested hosting partners, or you are welcome to provide us with your selection.

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Website Launch plan date and Training

The last step is the website launch plan we like to ensure a long-lasting connection between your users and your site. We’ll offer training support on how to maintain and update your website when needed. We shall also talk through a strategic release plan on when best to launch your website.

Digital Marketing Plan

This diagram shows you how our website design services and development fits within the larger digital marketing plan. We would be more than happy to discuss a digital marketing plan before or after you launch your site.

Digital Marketing Plan

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