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Define, design and activate your brand

Why do you need brand guidelines?

Your branding is more than just a creative name, novel logo or complimentary card – it’s a promise of value to your customers.

Branding needs to be updated to reach new target audiences. A brand guidelines agency can also aid the target sector focus.

Branding guidelines builds a unique personality for a company and is essential to the success of any venture.

Branding is one of the most critical (intangible) assets a company owns.

Strong and consistent branding helps clarify what your business stands for. – Your purpose, your personality, and your promises. Using a brand guidelines agency will help with this.

The use of rebranding could highlight a change in company direction, development and the services provided.

Why use ClearBrand’s brand guidelines services?

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Our values – Taking your Brand Beyond. Beyond your competitors. Beyond expectations.

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Experts and specialists in branding guidelines – Offering prior experience with big and small brands.

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ClearBrand’s signature branding style – Precise, minimalistic design centred around your business.

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High-quality designs that are focussed, on user engagement.

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We value a personalised, dedicated design service. With regular updates to ensure we don’t miss any key facts.

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Our designers will offer the best insight and advice from our combined branding experience when it comes to your brand.

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Outstanding customer service – User-Friendly Project Management system, 5 Star Google Reviews, and recommendations.

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Affordable industry rates. Competitive pricing within the market.

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Equal levels of design, expertise, capabilities and all-important customer service and aftercare.

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Deliver on time and to budget working within any constraints.

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Our unique research and project stages produce branding which goes beyond our client’s goals.

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We work closely alongside our clients to help deliver everything you need to get across to your customers, the why, how, what of your business.

Journey / Methodology

ClearBrand’s unique Brand Guidelines Process

Define, design and activate your brand

Discover IconDiscover

Market and user research

Find your unique selling point

Clearbrand targeting Questionnaire

Strategic Discovery Report

Goal Setting

Develop Icon Develop


The ClearBrand Audit

Ideas Wall

New Brand Story

Setting Proper Visual Brief

Create Icon Create


Brand Identity



Colour Palette


Tone of Voice

Implement Icon Implement


Applied across all touchpoints

Project Checklist to ensure all items are covered.

Futureproofing Testing with non-project based Internal Designers

Deliver Icon Deliver


Brand Launch Plan

Introducing Brand Document


Support Icon Support



Full range of design Services

Special discounts

Where we add value to your brand guidelines

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Bringing a strong history of producing brand guidelines for the project. Leading to the creation of our unique 6-step guideline process.

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We will capture and provide the emotive aspects of your audience into a cohesive narrative.

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Based in Berkshire, with our global portfolio and client-base, we understand a range of sectors and setups.

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Our geographic understanding of projects allows us to adapt the messages to suit your customers.

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We go over and beyond our client’s requirements, including our free brand audit process, reviewing current branding.

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Our project management and processes ensure each branding stage is clear and structured (see image below).

Product Management Brand Guidelines

Idea Wall

Initial Concepts

During our initial research, we will create an ‘ideas wall’ that shows competitor and peer communications, inspiration and potential visual direction. (see image left for a close up).


We explore imagery, typography, colour and graphic language to show how these elements can be combined into a distinct look and feel. This initial stage of branding is about the bigger picture no design will occur here. It is important for setting the brand tone and style, using visual references before the next phase of the brand guidelines design.

Project Management

We use different project management software to help work collaboratively with all our clients. Trello and Asana allow clients to comment, share attachments, set due dates and much more so all the details of the project are kept in one place, no matter the size of your brand guidelines project.


These software’s help keep work organised up to date and transparent, so you’re always kept aware of how projects are progressing.

Management system
Management system
Management system

Brand Management – Free solution 

– Organised into traditional folder setup

– Setup by ClearBrand but optional to the client to customise

– Pricing: Free service provided to all clients – Paid solution

– A home for all of your branded assets

– Upload, store, organize and share unlimited files from one secure location

– Internal and external users (with set permissions) can quickly and reliably add assets

– Every file type welcome here

Project Team Responsibilities

Project responsibilities


  • Lead Project Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Senior Designer
  • Support Project management & Strategy


  • Designer
  • Copywriter


1. DISCOVER PHASE – Market and user research

2. DISCOVER PHASE – Audit / Discovery Report

3. DEVELOP PHASE – New Brand Story

4. DEVELOP PHASE – Initial Concepts + Ideas Wall

5. CREATE PHASE – Brand Identity

6. CREATE PHASE – Logo & Tagline

7. IMPLEMENT PHASE – Brand Guidelines

8. DELIVER PHASE – Brand Management

9. DELIVER PHASE – Brand Launch Plan

10. SUPPORT PHASE – Aftercare & Future Design

Brand Stories

ClearBrand takes the time to learn and understand your business, in order to create a story around your brand. We capture and provide the emotive aspects of your audience into a cohesive narrative – we call this Brand Stories. These will be written out and then communicated consistently in the new brand guidelines across messaging and images.

A new brand direction for Greenbrook Healthcare – running 15 GP
Practices & Urgent Care Centres across London.

15 sites locations that guidelines and signage implemented into
Multiple stakeholder levels
Customer Research Project undertaken
Employee Value Proposition
Vision/Values & Brand Personality
Company narrative work



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Capabilities – Worked across a range of international rebrands and brand guideline projects before

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Our recommendations 

throughout the project and future ongoing support.

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Working with the latest project management software we ensure a smooth process both on our side and the client-side.

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Our local base in Reading and global business portfolio experience.

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Attention to detail and our unique storytelling and narrative approach. 

Icon Brand Guidelines & Technology Design Agency

We’re passionate about what we do and take pride in our commitment to every project we undertake.

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