Infographic Design

Infographics are a great way to get your message across to an audience that’s short of time and attention. As an infographic design agency, ClearBrand can turn your data into instantly accessible and highly shareable infographic designs so your data can tell its story. Infographics are great for bringing life to content, such as Annual reports and finance figures, data, Product comparisons, Etc.

Infographic Case Studies

What is an Infographic? Defined by the Oxford Learner’s dictionary an infographic is “information or data that is shown in a chart, diagram, etc. so that it is easy to understand”.



Infographic is an efficient aspect of communication in your business. With 90% of information processed visually, 65% of people being visual learners and 80% of people remembering visuals that they see. Using text alone will no longer work in getting your information across to clients, customers and employees.

Key aspects of any infographic design include:




✓  Keep it simple, not too long and not too busy

✓  Colour, in keeping with your brand identity

✓  Visuals, keep people’s attention for longer

✓  Engagement, only use content people are interested in

✓  Create strong headlines, that catches their eye

✓  Make it sharable, so you customers do the work for you


ClearBrand’s approach to Infographic design starts with your information. We then take it to the design board, to create an infographic that reaches your audience, is engaging to them, within your branding guidelines (a service we offer Here) and conveys your message. All this whilst looking marvellous, something you can be proud to share around the world.

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