Video Production Services

Our animation or live footage video services include scriptwriting, location sourcing, voice-over artists and presenters, producers and directors, full film crews, editing and music services and encoding and delivery.


We always start with the same questions what story are we telling? And what do we want the audience to take away from the video?

Video Production

90% of customers say that a video helps make their decision to buy a product or service.

Using video to promote your business or product is a great way to capture your visitors and hold their attention on any channel. There are benefits to putting video on your website, as it improves your ranking on google. Video is becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming content YouTube reports users view, 500 million hours of videos each day. Videos are also highly sharable content on social channels, with people twice as likely to share video content than any other type. Another advantage to using video is it creates a great business to customer experience and creating an interactive relationship with your customers.

Using a professional video production service to capture your video has multiple advantages:



✓   The use of professional video equipment


✓   Top-of-the-line video editing software


✓   Offer an outsider’s perspective to the video


✓   Customise your video to capture your audience


✓   It will save you time

Video Production

ClearBrand’s, video production services is equipment to produce animated or live footage for your company. We have a strong history in design, creating and producing videos for clients based on video goal. Our video packages offer all the services you need for an unmissable video that will catch your audiences’ attention. For full information on our packages and what they include, visit the link Here.

To look at some of our past video projects, visit our Vimeo page Here. For more information, contact us Here or complete the form below.

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