Web design is a crucial part of ClearBrand services, and as part of our integrated offering, we can give you best practice advice on developing your web design and presence. Including wire-framing, user experience, concept models and full developed websites. We use WordPress as a CMS but are comfortable with other platforms. If you have a design or marketing requirements that you don’t see listed on this page, get in touch with us and, we’ll almost certainly be able to help.

Website design Case Study

Your website design builds the foundations of your businesses in your customer’s mind. With the average attention span of eight seconds, when looking at a website, it is essential to make sure your design creates a positive impression towards your business, so they want to keep looking.

A website creates an impression of your business with your customers, is your website easily navigable? Is the branding consistent throughout the site? How is the customer service? Do they trust your site? These are only a few of the questions you should be asking about your website design.

Although websites are not just the storefront, they have a world behind-the-sense that needs consideration, what platform will host your website? How fast your website loads? Is the copy consistent and useful? And how is your website performing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? For instance, this page you are reading needs to be a minimum of 300 words with images that have alt text, and the keyword needs to feature naturally, to improve its SEO score.

DaUK Website design

ClearBrand has the answers to all these questions, our website design team covers all the features you need to make that all-important first impression. If you want to read about our service in more detail, visit our ‘Website Design Agency’ page Here. To see one of our websites designs live, visit Datoniq site Here or visit our Website portfolio Here.

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