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The Brief.

The 3T Group offer transport management to the UK, Europe & America. 3T approached us to rebrand wanting a modern look. Their previous brand was predominantly blue and felt quite cold and out of tune with their warm and approachable style.

3T Group Logo
3T Group Logo Grid
3T logistics banner
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3T logistic Graphic
3T Logistics graphic


The Solution.

ClearBrand introduced a warm orange gradient alongside a modern typeface, with an approachable style. The 3T logo uses a box that makes up the ‘T’ – a subtle reference to the logistics side of the company.

We also modernised their website creating a strong user experience and enhanced the brand identity by decluttering. We allowed 3T Group to communicate their expertise and high levels of customer service with a high end, professional site.

Visit the website –

3T Brand Guidelines

    021 C

    3T Orange

    CMYK0 / 67 / 90 / 0

    RGB243/ 111 / 33



    112 CP

    3T Yellow

    CMYK0 /27 /92 / 0

    RGB255 / 195 / 14



    431 C

    3T Dark Grey

    CMYK0 / 0 / 0/ 70

    RGB92 / 91 / 95



    428 C

    3T Medium Grey

    CMYK0 / 0 / 0 / 35

    RGB162/ 164 / 167



    427 C

    3T Light Grey

    CMYK0 / 0 /0 / 10

    RGB224 / 225 / 227


3T group poster design
3T Group Stationery design


The Results.

3T now have an effective industry led approach for customers to navigate their website, which is optimised across every device. As 3T develop their products ClearBrand have been there to help create a consistent visual style – whether it’s a promotional video, exhibition event, brochure or other marketing material.

Website by ClearBrand:

3T Group Overview Summer 2016 Book Design
3T Group Logo on side of building
3T Roll-Out Banner
3T Case Studies

Client testimonials


“ClearBrand have helped us build our online presence through revisiting our website strategy and given us a brand which stands out in the industry.”


Reagan Nyandoro – Marketing Manager , 3T logistics.

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3T Group Trade Show