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The Brief.

Add2kitty is the perfect place to create a money pot (a kitty) for Social Events, Special Occasions, Corporate Events and well…just about anything else! ClearBrand were tasked with the goal of building a modern brand that showed the concept of sharing between a group of friends or a team. The client had a young target market initially that would grow and expand.

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The Solution.

We created two visuals systems for the client to use depending on the target audience.

  • (1) An abstract visual system – Using the concept of coins travelling from A to B, we designed a series of illustrations showing the movements through gradients.
  • (2) A photographic style that showed positive vision of sharing with friends. We focused on the outcome of how the money could be spent.
Add2Kitty flyer design
Add2Kitty Website on mac
Add2Kitty Booklet Design

    2935 C

    Add2kitty Blue

    CMYK95 / 77 / 0 / 0

    RGB0 /49 / 196



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    Add2kitty Orange

    CMYK3 / 52 / 99 / 0

    RGB237 / 140 / 0



The Results.

We worked hard to give users the best experience on the website for a relatively new concept. You can visit and test out the Add2Kitty website here:

Add 2 Kitty webpage
Add2Kitty Roll-out Banner
Add 2 Kitty Flyer design

Client testimonials


“ Professional and Creative with great communication and feedback. I approached ClearBrand after months of searching for the right business to create my brand and website, from the very first meeting they believed in the brand and were genuinely excited to work with us. Would highly recommend for Branding and Website design for any complexity or functionality.”


Peter Campbell – Founder, Add2Kitty

Add 2 Kitty Mobile App