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The Brief.

Alpha are a Thames Valley based recruitment agency. ClearBrand were tasked with a re-brand and website overhaul to reflect the new direction of the company. The previous logo and branding featured jigsaw/puzzle pieces as an analogy for connecting people. The company wanted to be more ambitious with their use of brand and imagery.

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The Solution.

We felt the jigsaw/puzzle analogy was too simplistic to represent the values of Alpha. Instead we focussed on showing the relationships in person with strong photography. The logo was simplified and we coupled a sophisticated but lively palette of navy blue with yellow, which also features subtly in the imagery set. The top-level imagery focussed on cityscapes which reflect the types of corporate clients that Alpha deal with. We built a website designed as an engaging way to find out more about Alpha. See the Website:

Website design by ClearBrand:

Alpha Website Design on three devices
alpha stationary design

    289 U

    Alpha Primary Blue

    CMYK88 /74 /39 / 29

    RGB47 / 65 / 95



    459 U

    Alpha Gold

    CMYK4 /27 /100 / 0

    RGB242 / 185 / 26



    292 U

    Alpha Secondary Blue

    CMYK63 /27 /0 / 0

    RGB100 / 160 / 215


Alpha Webpage


The Results.

Alpha engaged well with the new brand and have since used the brand across their socials and marketing platforms. Their website desktop and mobile user experience was boosted along with their customers. Their new brand and look have given them a better platform to speak to their intended target audience of high end corporate clients and ambitious candidates.

Alpha Business Card
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Alpha Website on mac