The Brief.

For over 9 months we have been working with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) – a global membership and training organisation with headquarters in Reading. This project became much more than a membership organisation rebrand, but a way to engage the wider resilience industry.

BCI Logo Grid


The Narrative.

After running a brand narrative workshop with the marketing team and select board members, we settled on the brand personality and narrative. We discovered currently BCI is characterised as cautious, conservative and well meaning but ultimately resilient. The desire was to see an organisation that’s more adventurous and more appealing, with greater vision, dynamism and influence. This was reflected in our brand narrative drafts and taglines, which BCI adopted with positive feedback, with the final theme of “Leading the way to resilience”. This sets the organisations sights as continuing their position at the forefront of business continuity and resilience.


The Results.

ClearBrand guided BCI to developing a comprehensive brand and narrative ensuring that any existing or new stakeholders are able to use in their activities when working in partnership with BCI. ClearBrand created and constructed a brand that holds real meaning in todays world of resilience.