The Brief.

Caigate are a Chinese energy company looking to set up in the UK / European market to create a global presence. Caigate has been deeply rooted in the diesel generation business for more than 25 years, however have branched out into sustainable and hybrid projects more recently. Caigate approached ClearBrand wanting a brand that would appeal to a range of stakeholders geographically.

Caigate Logo
Caigate logo
Caigate Logo Grid
Caigate Icons
Caigate website


The Solution.

Caigate work with their customers to define the specific needs of the project and work around the clock to create the best integrated solution that is reliable, quick to deploy, inexpensive to run. The brand mark features a series of dots, which represent the modular nature of Caigate’s solutions. These solutions can fit together in different ways to achieve the clients needs. The branding then uses these dots in more expressive ways – to communicate their key selling points of flexibility and sustainability (see the slider below).

ClearBrand developed a hierarchy of marketing collateral that fitted into a system. This was a flexible system that could allow company documents, technical specification (e.g. for a diesel generator), or an explanation of a solution. ClearBrand also created sub logos for the 3 key areas in the same dotted style – for Fossil, Heat and Hybrid power as can be seen.

Caigate Business Cards
Caigate Brochure
Caigate Brochure


The Results.

You can see the brand in action on ClearBrand’s custom website developed for Caigate, that showcases the key selling points with clear calls to action and case studies.

See the website here:

Caigate on Tablet
Caigate Graphics