The Brief.

Expression Consulting, business intelligence consultants, approached ClearBrand for name generation and a new brand. They wanted something that referred to data and was a short unique name


The Solution.

After a few rounds of naming exercises ‘Datoniq’ was born. We performed due diligence to ensure that the name came up first on Google. We created bespoke abstract charts/graph illustrations that were used to show the beauty of data visualisation.



    7417 U

    Datoniq Dark Pink

    CMYK0 / 75 / 50 / 0

    RGB255 / 90 / 99



    486 UP

    Datoniq Mid Pink

    CMYK0 / 046 / 30 / 0

    RGB247 / 165 / 139



    486 UP

    Datoniq Light Pink

    CMYK0 / 27 / 16 / 0

    RGB251 / 205 / 205



The Results.

We created professional case studies that allowed the client to adapt the templates each time. The Datoniq website was designed to drive interest and enable users to make enquiries. Our goal was to provide a manageable CMS that is easy to use and allows content to be uploaded and edited simply by the client.

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