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The Brief.

DAUK is a non-profit association and advocacy group for the UK medical profession. DAUK are widely regarded as the grassroots voice for frontline doctors but also advocate for the wider NHS. The association is led from the front by passionate volunteer doctors.

They have a strong voice in the media and are quoted in the mainstream press almost daily, with regular TV and radio interviews to help further causes.

DAUK approached ClearBrand to give them a professional platform to approach these media outlets and politicians. We were also briefed to provide a clear position and set them apart from competitors.

Doctors' Association UK logo
Doctors' Association UK logo
Doctors' Association UK logos
Doctors' Association UK Posters
Doctors' Association UK Website design

The Solution.

The Solution.

We retained their green as a recognisable asset of their previous brand. Aside from this, there was a wholesale change. We introduced a new bold and assertive font and ‘The voice of frontline doctors’ message was kept front and centre.

The new logo mark covers doctors (stethoscope) and their compassionate approach to doctors’ wellbeing (Heart).

We provided flexible social media templates and photography sets that allowed DAUK to be as bold with their visual approach as they are with their
physical campaigning.


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Doctors' Association UK icon
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The Results.

The Results.

“As we grow we feel we now have a strong identity that people immediately associate with us. Most of our work is digital and the majority of our lobbying takes place online. As such we feel we now have strong visuals that cut through the noise and helps to inspire our audiences to take collective action.”

– Rinesh Parmar and Samantha Batt-Rawden – Founders.

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Doctors' Association UK stationery design
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