The Brief.

We were approached by an established dry cleaning business with a new idea. They wanted to create a digital platform, starting with a website, that would allow customers to get their clothes dry cleaned without stepping foot in a dry cleaners. They wanted ClearBrand to create naming and a look and feel for the service, along with the website.


    289 C

    Drapers Blue

    CMYK100 / 90 / 45 / 50

    RGB11 / 131 / 65



    7404 UP

    Drapers Yellow

    CMYK12 / 23 / 85 / 2

    RGB227 / 190 / 60



The Solution.

The website we created allowed users to type in their postcodes which searched a database for availability. The available services were then listed for the customer followed by custom built collection and delivery calendar.

See the beta website at