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The Brief.

As an established law firm, Clarks Legal ( came to ClearBrand in need of a sub-brand that would be targeted at giving legal advice and help to tech businesses and start-ups. The name forburyTECH came from the local area, know as “The Forbury”.

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The Solution.

ClearBrand offered solutions which included crossing technology and law references, but in the end decided to focus on the technology. The brand concept takes inspiration from computer pixels, which make up the FT mark and supporting pixelated illustrations. The green colour palette was chosen to represent the Forbury gardens landscape and gives a clean and modern style. We designed a custom pixel based font used across the site and for the director’s initials on the business cards.

Forbury TECH website on mac

    7482 UP

    ForburyTECH Dark Green

    CMYK80 / 20 / 75 / 5

    RGB50 / 140 / 95



    367 UP

    ForburyTECH Light Green

    CMYK50 / 3 / 70 / 0

    RGB174 / 190 / 105



    298 U

    ForburyTECH Light Blue

    CMYK68 / 12 / 5 / 0

    RGB80 / 180 / 220



    Cool Grey 11 U

    ForburyTECH Dark Grey

    CMYK55 / 45 / 40 / 27

    RGB112 / 112 / 112


Forbury TECH webpage design
Forbury TECH business card
Forbury TECH icon
Forbury TECH website open on Ipad contact us page


The Results:

ForburyTECH were proud to now have a brand that related to their target audience. Megan from ForburyTECH fed back “Really pleased with how everything looks. Thanks for all your hard work, we are all very impressed!” ForburyTECH launched in 2015 and continue to expand and build their reputation as experts in technology focussed legal advice.

Forbury TECH website on Iphone and Ipad
Forbury TECH Stationery
Forbury TECH sign
Forbury Tech Type face