Gartner design


The Brief.

Gartner approached ClearBrand to assist with the regular development and creation of online content for their events series. With multiple stakeholder levels and multi-national site implementation, it was important to get the project right first time. The project’s main output had an infographic and video focus alongside campaign consultancy.

Gartner logo
Gartner logo
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Gartner animations


The Solution.

There was a strong user experience project focus from the client. The campaigns were designed across multiple formats to drive traffic toward a Gartner landing page for sign-ups. To achieve this, we user-tested our designs at every stage to ensure engagement was optimised. We created themed infographics and mailouts around the marketing subject matters of customer experience, CX trends and CRM.

Gartner website tablet


The Results.

With mailouts we hid 50% of the content to drive people to download the full infographic on the site. This content then teased the user to sign up to the full event where this would be a module.

ClearBrand helped deliver a creative approach to connected digital campaigns that drive traffic and are on brand at the same time for Gartner. For more information on this project or how we can help your digital campaigns please do get in touch.

Gartner animations
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