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The Brief.

Hafen Kirche are a newly established church in the heart of Frankfurt. Their name translates to Harbour Church. This references the location they are based in, however ‘hafen’ can also mean a place of safety. Simon at HK approached ClearBrand to come up with a brand they could use across a new website, introduction cards, exhibition stands, posters and balloon / tote bag giveaways.

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Hafen Kirche Logo Grid
Hafen Kirche Banner


The Solution.

Branding – We created an icon with the letter H which also referenced the distinctive bridges that cross Frankfurt’s harbour. The straight and curved lines making up the icons were then broken apart to create patterns to lay over images of the Frankfurt harbour. The colour palette features a green/blue mix with fresh bursts of bright yellow.

Website – The website features the ability for the client to upload sermons and add calendar events. The line based style was then developed further with illustrations across the website.

Hafen Kirche Poster in street

    319 C

    HafenKirche Green

    CMYK57 / 0 / 27 / 0

    RGB110 / 200 / 198



    2214 C

    HafenKirche Dark Green

    CMYK70 / 37 / 38 / 19

    RGB79 / 119 / 130



    7404 C

    HafenKirche Yellow

    CMYK7 / 22 / 93 / 0

    RGB241 / 196 / 15



    659 C

    HafenKirche Liliac

    CMYK53/ 23 / 0 / 0

    RGB127 /175 /235


Hafen Kirche Roll-Out Banner


The Results.

Hafen Kirche felt their new brand communicates the modern, youthful and family orientated nature of their services. HK have utilised the new brand across social media.

“ClearBrand took our initial brief and translated it into a fresh, contemporary and most importantly a meaningful and poignant brand identity. We were extremely happy with the professional client service and the outcome of the final project.”

– Simon Tarry, Hafenkirche Founder

Hafen Kirche bag
Hafen Kirche Balloon
Hafen Kirche website
Hafen Kirche website on Mac and Ipad