The Brief.

ClearBrand were recently approached by a start up brewery wanting to launch a new concept – a range of luxury global beers. The founders had a passion for travel, and had selected their craft beers based on locations visited. Latitude wanted this theme to run through the branding and across their beer labels.


The Solution.

The final designs show the latitude line of the beer’s origin, in relation to the equator line. We also decided to show the latitude co-ordinates. Each location had its own colour code, which were allowed to stand out with a jet black bottle.



    Latitude Blue

    CMYK98 / 62 / 0 / 14

    RGB34 / 80 / 0



    Warm Red C

    Latitude Red

    CMYK0 / 83 / 80 / 0

    RGB242 / 67 / 0



    109 C

    Latitude Yellow

    CMYK0 / 9 / 100 / 0

    RGB248 / 180 / 30



    151 C

    Latitude Green

    CMYK3 / 52 / 99 / 0

    RGB15 / 178 / 115



The Results.

The client loved the idea of creating a visual way to literally show the international nature of the range of beers. This also allowed Latitude to extend their range. Touchpoints designed included beer bottles, beer cans, beer taps, brand guidelines, business plans, merchandise, website, tasting room signage, interior design The designs are in their early launch stage so look out for these beers coming soon.

Client testimonials


“Thank You ClearBrand for giving us a great platform to market our global beers.”


Philip Francis – Founder, Latitude Brewing.