The Brief.

Siren Rock is a Production Brewery, Beer Garden, and Destination Taproom – Coming soon to Texas, USA. ‘Siren’ came from a mix of having female founders and the founder’s love for music (see ‘siren song’) and ‘Rock’ coming from Rockwall – the location they started in. Our role was in both creating the brand identity and brand story for Siren Rock. ClearBrand were approached with a brief to create everything from logo to full brand guidelines, business plans and documents. We also worked across social media, exterior and interior design, menus, giveaways, beer taps and finally their own range of eight beers (to launch soon).


    2220 C

    Siren Rock Teal

    CMYK72 / 0 / 28 / 0

    RGB71 / 151 / 168



    143 C

    Siren Rock Yellow

    CMYK0 / 32 / 87 / 0

    RGB241 / 180 / 72



    94% Tint

    Siren Rock Black

    CMYK0 / 0 / 0 / 94

    RGB47 / 47 / 45



    90% Tint

    Siren Rock Grey

    CMYK0 / 0 / 0 / 88

    RGB66 / 66 / 66



    50% Tint

    Siren Rock Light Grey

    CMYK40 / 31 / 32 / 10

    RGB157 / 157 / 156



The Solution.

ClearBrand worked on combining strong typography with a recognisable mark that Siren Rock could use separately or together across a range of touch points. We developed a hand drawn style for the visual language that complemented the brand story. We utilised a range of darker shades of black tones to allow the brand teal colour to stand out.


The Results.

The final brand work and story has enabled Siren Rock to gain funding and get the brand and brewery established in the local area. They are currently at the early stage of their journey, but we are exciting to be travelling it with them and will update when our work on their beer range is ready.

“ClearBrand’s work on our brand and range of beers has been exceptional”

– Cory and Eva Cannon, Siren Rock Founders