Siren Rock Package Design 6 beers


The Brief.

Siren Rock is a Production Brewery, Beer Garden, and Destination Taproom – Coming soon to Texas, USA. Siren Rock wanted to create a variety of beer types so everyone can find what they’re looking for in their beer. However they wanted to create an identity or uniqueness with every different type of beer brewed whilst still maintaining a strong link to the main brand itself.

Siren Rock Poster designs
Siren Rock Table Tent Design your inner muse


The Solution.

ClearBrand worked on creating individual illustrated characters for each beer that Siren Rock brew. Items such as colour, illustrative style and character narrative help distinguish a personality and vibrancy to each beer so that each easily standalone. A grid system and layout help create a uniformed approach. Each beer works well independently but also as a consistent collective. We ensured the Siren Rock brand itself was kept present.

Siren Rock Package Design The Noble Crusader
Siren Rock Box Design The Fiery Rebel
Siren Rock sticker Design


The Results.

The final outcome is each beer character is easily highlighted with a set of differentiating characteristics. A clear and concise design system was implemented to help keep all touch points feel like a piece of a larger set. Items for each character included case boxes, stickers, posters, product guides, table tents and much more.

Siren Rock Product guide
Siren Rock Package Design 6 designs
Siren Rock Package Design The Divine Monk