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The Brief.

By bringing leaders and teams together TalentID can help them to challenge their assumptions, better understand themselves and each other. The team works in partnership with clients to identify potential, plan succession, select and develop outstanding leaders and accelerate team performance.

After understanding their services and objectives, it was the concept of acceleration and direction we took into the branding phase of work. The rebrand needed to communicate expertise and experience with light-hearted but professional style.

TalentID Logo
TalentID Logo
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The Solution.

Taking the concept of acceleration and direction, we decided to look at performance through movement. The team is moving together in a new, more efficient direction. Movement is represented through a consistent image of a single arrow, or series of arrows – drawn for TalentID. The colour palette was selected to appeal to the professional style with the navy blues and golds, while retaining a modern edge with the bright green.

See the website here:

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The Results.

Talent ID now possess a strong brand they can use as a credibility tool to support networking, meetings and referrals. Their flexible level of imagery can be both sophisticated and simple at one end with the arrow forms, or bold and ambitious with photographic landscapes.

“Very happy with my branding refresh and website.”

– Richard Waddell, CEO

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