Photography Services

Our award-winning photographer was formerly a filmmaker but developed a real passion for photography. He soon became a qualified professional photographer at an associate level, a higher level of qualification than many other photographers.




He is now using his experience and talent to create beautiful imagery for his clients. His passion for photography comes through in his work with many satisfied clients, whilst winning many awards – some at an international level.


Using a high-quality photograph service is imperative for any business, both online and offline.



Photographs are an essential factor in any company’s branding strategy. A photo can communicate your brand message, tone of voice and brand identity, with 80% of customers more likely to engage with your content if paired with a high-quality image. ClearBrand believes that all images used by your business should be of the highest quality.

So why do you need to hire professional photograph services? When you’re scrolling through a website, or looking at a banner, if the images are all pixilated, would you trust the business? Or would you opt to move on to a company with high-quality images, that showcased their services or product to a professional standard?

Our photograph services provide you with a team who have a passion for photography and will ensure that each photograph captures your unique personality. Whether you are looking for images for your website, social media, flyers, banners and much more, we will provide you with professional pictures. Our in-house photographer has a strong history of offering people and product photograph services.

Photograph Services

Want to see our award-winning photographers work? Look at this past piece of work, we did for wePresent Here, we photographed both products and people.

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