Vehicle Livery Design

The livery displayed on your commercial vehicle is a powerful tool, capable of much more than merely exhibiting contact details. In fact, vehicle livery is a mobile calling card, seen by thousands of other drivers and pedestrians each day. It is a cost-effective way of getting your business recognised.

Vehicle Design

Do you have a commercial vehicle that you use for work? Yes, more and more businesses have a commercial vehicle which looks the same. Let your commercial vehicle drive customers to your door literally. Your commercial vehicle will become a moving travelling business card, seen by thousands of potential customers every day.

Here is a list of some dos when it comes to vehicle livery design:



✓ Keep it simple


✓ Think about font style and size


✓ Your car is 3D use all sides


✓ Use a professional service


✓ Keep your message clear


✓ Make a statement

vehicle livery design

ClearBrand knows the importance of customers and how crucial it is to advertise to them any way possible. Our vehicle livery design service can transform your vehicle to take advantage of long traffic jam, reach a wider audience, grabbing your customers attention and keep your business identity the front of mind.

What to look at our previous work we did for Daily Poppins Here. Have a read of this interesting article on the importance of vehicle livery for business Here.




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