Brand Guidelines

Your brand is more than just a creative name, novel logo or complimentary card – it’s a promise of value.


Strong and consistent branding helps clarify what your business stands for – your purpose, your personality, and your promises. Brand Guidelines will help this. We can cover everything from logo usage, colours, fonts and layout to value propositions and tone of voice.

Brand Guidelines

What is the purpose of a branding guidelines service?


Having brand guidelines for your company builds consistency throughout your brand regardless of looking at a company’s website or their business stationery, you know it’s the same business. Getting your guidelines created by a professional service, helps you set the standard you want in your business and what rules need to follow to generate consistency and recognisability.

Included in Brand Guidelines?






Colour palette


Photography style


Graphic language








Tone of voice

Project Pizza Guidlines

ClearBrand has a rich history of building brand guidelines for companies, which work for both your business and target audience. We encompass everything needed in order to create your bespoke guidelines. Additionally, we implement it throughout your company, creating your website to connect seamlessly to your company’s annual review document.

We have a unique brand guidelines services process starting with Marketing and User Research, Initial Concepts, The Design Phase, Branding Guidelines, Brand Management and Aftercare. To learn about this process in-depth visit our Brand Guidelines Services Page Here.

Fascinated to look at one of our past projects in more depth? Click the Here to look at Siren Rock Brewing Co guidelines. Or visit one of our past client’s website to see how their guidelines have been put into effect within their business Here. Or learn the importance of guidelines Here

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