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    Social media is still new and forever changing. Fortunately, this blog will provide you with 7 social media mistakes to avoid that could be costing you business. This article will cover a range of topics, from strategy to dealing with negative comments, and will provide you with additional insight on how to properly engage with your followers. Everyone makes mistakes, especially on new platforms. If you’re not finding too much success with social media at the moment, hopefully, you may recognize a few simple mistakes you’re making and help to improve them.

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    Lack of strategy.
    The first problem people run into is a lack of strategy. When social media was first starting up, it would just be the case of uploading content to a page with not much theoretical backing. Nowadays with its increasing popularity and usage, you have to think carefully about what you want to upload, and who you want to see it. This lack of planning can lead to poor or false results. It’s important to think about your goals and adapt your strategy accordingly to make sure you maximize your results. There are plenty of resources looking further into creating a great strategy such as Hootsuite’s guide

    Too much self – promotion

    A trap many new businesses fall into is believing their page should always be all about them. You need to give people a reason to follow you outside of sales information. For example, you present relevant information about your chosen niche. If you sell environmentally friendly products, try sharing news about developments in the fight for climate change. Why not let your followers promote you, if you provide something valuable to them and others, there’s a good chance they will share it among their connections, broadening your audience.


    Not using multiple forms of content.
    It’s easy to try and spam text on your social media in the hope to get as much info to your audience. But amongst a feed of professional photography, pets and food, your bulky text may go unnoticed. To combat this, try spending a bit more time on your posts using a range of content. For example, some ideas could be videos, infographics, gifs and high-quality images. It’s also important to utilize the different posting options different platforms provide. For example, using stories on Instagram or Facebook. This can help your page to seem more interesting and active.


    Avoiding deleting negative feedback.
    This may seem stupid at first glance, but let me explain. Everyone has critics and everyone has flaws. Unfortunately, a lot of times this criticism will be put online for the world to see. But it’s not always a bad thing. By addressing people’s problems with your product positively and publicly, it gives the impression to prospective customers they would be treated the same. Like I said, you’ll get criticism, may as well show people how well you handle it.

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    Being too “corporate”.
    It’s important to remember social media is exactly what is said on the tin, social. If forgotten, you may become just another faceless corporate brand. People like speaking to people, so make sure you remind your audience that there’s someone on the other end. Try and respond to as many comments as you can and add a bit of a human touch to your posts. For example like adding funny captions, or showing behind the scenes on your story. Adding different elements such as these will help people build a better more personable relationship with your brand.Social media wall

    Lack of consistency
    Once you’ve gotten into the groove of posting regularly, it’s important not to stop. When failing to post on expected days, you will see a drop in engagement. People like to see the regular posting and a lack of this will lead your followers to feel something is being hidden. Try and set up automated posting software to help with consistency.


    Buying followers.
    If you’ve worked hard making a strategy and posting regularly, why ruin it getting your account banned. Some brands buy followers, but I would not recommend this. It may showcase a sense of popularity, but it’s against guidelines of most platforms, so stick normally organic growth.


    To Conclude

    I hope these 7 social media mistakes to avoid has helped you to refine and further improve your social media. Although these may seem simple mistakes, it’s important to keep on top of them and always be improving. If you would like any further help, don’t hesitate to contact us Here.



    Written by Matt on behalf of ClearBrand, November 2020.

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