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    Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear that email marketing is being put to bed by businesses due to the constant rise of social media. Although social media is a vital part of a marketing strategy, according to McKinsey & Company email marketing is 40 times more effective. Throughout this blog, we will be talking about how to create successful marketing, making effective and informative content that will grab potential customers attention and get you a great return on investment.

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    Creating A catchy subject line

    The average person gets hundreds of marketing emails a month, which is why it is so important to make yours stand out. Think about it, how many emails do you just gloss over because it blends into the mass spam emails a person gets. To prevent this, we are providing you with some top tips to make sure your hard work doesn’t go unread

    1.Using actionable language.

    Using verbs like “download”, “buy”, “reserve” and “take” will allow you to show the potential of what your customer can do if they open your email. Be cautious to not just say “buy my product” but instead say what your product can do. For example, if you sell bath soaps, you could say “buy mum a present”. It’s important to show what value the emails include and how it can help the customer, which links to my next point.

    2.Make it personal.

    Subject lines should feel like they speak to recipients personally like it was made just for them. This may seem difficult, especially if you have a large email list, but this can be best tackled through segmentation. Let’s go back to the bath soap example. Splitting your email list by just age and gender will allow you to take an educated assumption at why they purchase bath soaps. If they are male but young, you would make your subject line “buy your mum a gift”. If they were male but old, you would make it “buy your wife a gift”. Just by segmenting your marketing email list into those categories, you will significantly increase your email campaign success by adding personalised value to the customer.

     Creating a successful marketing email.

    Now that you have a great subject line that has drawn your customer in, how do you get them on the webpage? Fortunately for you, here is a list of some great ways to construct the content of the email.Planning how to write a succsesful marketing email

    1.Establish relevance.

    Through the subject line, you’ve provided enough personalisation to get them into the email, but that’s not enough. If they don’t like what they see in the first few lines, then they’ll be off straight away. This is why it’s key to cement the personalisation through a few sentences carrying off your subject line. To follow on from my previous example. If you have gotten a person’s interest with the subject line “Buy your wife a gift” then you should start your email buy reinforcing that personalisation with “looking for a great gift to buy your wife, why not browse our collection perfect for birthdays, Christmas or just a nice surprise”. This confirmation to the reader that this email holds value for them and is what they may be looking for.

    2.Write in the second person.

    Following on what I was saying about personalisation, it’s important to let the recipient know that the email is about them. Throughout the email, you should remind do this by using phrases like “perfect for you” and “great to use for your house”. Of course, you will have to use words like “we” and “I” sometimes, but try not to litter the email with them, as it will move the focus on benefits for your company as opposed to the customer.

    3.Focus on benefits, not features.

    Want to make your marketing email stand out, relate to the customer by showing the value of the product and how it could affect them. Too many emails nowadays shove deals and features down the throat of recipients and people get sick of it. For example, instead of saying “30% off all bath soaps” or “colourful products” try suggesting benefits such as “enjoy relaxation for cheaper” or “bored of simple colours, improve your style with a range of new ones”. These simple changes add more personalisation and value for the customer, and it yields results.

    4.Keep it brief.

    Writing the most successful marketing campaign isn’t about telling your customer as much as you can, it’s about telling them the right things, quality over quantity. Don’t try to cover all bases with your email, know what it’s trying to do and stick with that. Too many emails will try and make you, buy, subscribe, share and browse all through the same email. Studies show that one simple message and call to action yields much better click-through rates than competing messages. Which links into my final point.

    5.Have a call to action.

    You’ve put in the hard work, getting them on the email, piquing their interest through personalised content, now just make it easy for them and instruct on what to do next. This should be simple to see and clear on what it does if you want them to notice one thing on your email it should be the call to action. The call to action should almost be a direct answer to why they clicked on the email. For example, if they are looking for a gift for their wife, the call to action should say “find your wife’s present on our page now”. This is clear, simple and personal to the reader making it hard not to click on the offer.

    Hopefully, this blog has taught you not only how to create a successful marketing email, but also how important a marketing campaign can be for your business. If you would like any more information or help with how to create a successful marketing email, please feel free to contact our team here. Alternatively, you can find resources to help at https://www.hubspot.com/resources/template/email-marketing

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    Written by Matt on behalf of ClearBrand, November 2020.

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