• Getting started with lead generation for Healthcare businesses?


    What is a lead?


    Leads can be anyone that might be interested in your healthcare product or service. A lead can come from a range of sources such as a website, social media channels, phone calls or word of mouth.

    What is lead generation?


    Lead generation is an action that can captivate potential strangers and convert them into prospective people who’re interested in your healthcare business, putting them at the beginning of their path to eventually making a purchase. We can categorise lead generation into two groups: inbound; and outbound. It is typical to work across both groups to achieve a successful campaign.


    Inbound is the creation of content that brings visitors to your website and converts them into leads, by making your brand more visible online on social media or search engines. The exchange of valuable content for visitor’s contacts information creates an ongoing communication cycle.


    Outbound is sending a message to your target audience, no matter if they have shared an interest in the content or not. For example, this could include cold calling or displaying adverts. A large percentage of these tactics involve costs.


    lead generation Planning

    Why is lead generation important to the healthcare business?


    For your healthcare business to be successful, you need customers. For this, you need a strong lead generations strategy. As a result, that can help you to make sales and expand your business.


    When a potential customer is on a search engine, searching for a specific product or service, the search engine will provide the customer with sites that are linked directly to their interest. As a website grabs their attention, the chance of conversion to sales increases automatically.

    Getting started with lead generation for healthcare companies?


    Content is one of the best methods for generating leads for your healthcare. Content is a large part of all lead generation channels as you need content to send an email or even call someone up. For instance, videos are content: 87% of consumers say they want more videos from brands. For example, your healthcare could make a video on how an antibiotic works.


    Social media marketing includes all social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and others. It is an ever-growing resource to healthcare businesses, with 95 Million images uploaded onto Instagram every day, and 850,000 active podcast episodes. Therefore social media provides healthcare businesses with the ability to promote their business on a widely recognised platform that can quickly gain popularity and lead to potential leads.


    Finally, websites, specifically Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your healthcare website. The higher ranked your website is on search engines, the greater the chance of more traffic to your site, leading to the potential of converting these leads into customers. How do you rank highly on SEO? By using content, everything you put on your website is content. As a result, depending on how strong your SEO is on your site will depend on how relevant search engines will think your site is for customers.


    Lead Generation Mind Map

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