• The Future of UX Design in a Technology Orientated World

    The Future of UX Design in a Technology Orientated World

    Exploring the collaboration between Technology and UX Design 


    Good design is more than just skin deep, it is understanding how people interact with the world around them. Arguably as technology becomes more and more entwined with daily life, a key role of many designers today is making that technology more accessible. This fact was recognized some twenty-five years ago when the term “User Experience Designer” first appeared on the scene. Since then this concept has been thoroughly embraced and has seen teams of designers working tirelessly to make UX better, quicker and sleeker than ever. Whether that be perfecting an app, website or even the product itself design is now so intuitive it is virtually invisible to the user.


    Some would argue that we have gone as far as we can with UX development. In part thanks to the massive investment in it by technology giants such as Google and Apple. Apple in particular has reaped the benefits of this by experiencing an impress growth of 882.9%  over ten years thanks to its investment in UX. After all this development it is widely believed to have perfected the user experience, which begs the question; If we live in a world where UX is so polished does it have room to evolve?

    So what’s next?

    Just as most technologies adapt over time to avoid obsolescence so must the concept of design for technology. In recent years we have seen the introduction of the long anticipated “Voice User Interface” in products such as Amazon echo and Siri. This innovation has taken UX designers away entirely from their native platform of the screen, and into a new unexplored space of voice commands. Could this new branch of innovation open up more opportunities for design previously though impossible? Other innovations include the advent of AI and Augmented Reality, a technology once only dreamt of is now reasonably accessible. A 3D virtual platform has the potential to disrupt the principles of UX Design as we know it and poses a fascinating challenge for future designers to come.

    The Future of UX Design in a Technology Orientated World


    The take-away

    For now, technology will always need good UX design, it is after all its first introduction to the consumer. Design has a massive impact on the success of products and services, not just in the technology sector but in all industries. Studies have also proven that it’s absence can have disastrous effects for a company. No matter how innovative the idea it is rare for a modern audience to sit through a clunky user experience in fact 88% of customers are less likely to return to a website after a bad UX experience. Especially not when good design has become so ubiquitous thanks to everyday products like the iPhone. With advancements in technology the way designers approach UX may have to change considerably, but it’s value to industries is evident. As UX develops to fit a changing world we may see designers creating user interfaces in a 3D environment, or even doing away with the visual aspects of UX entirely. However, whatever UX may evolve into its core values of accessibility and empathetic design is here to stay. ­


    Article written by ClearBrand, April 2019. 
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