• The Value of Rebranding



    Your brand is more powerful than you think. Over the next few weeks we will be posting on the reasons rebranding could give you competitive edge over your competitors and bring in more and better business.


    What Rebranding Can Accomplish:

      1. Attract core customers more easily. Rebranding can help generate leads and close sales. And when core customers are ready to make referrals, your company’s brand can provide the credibility to back up their enthusiasm.
      2. Attract business partners. These can be teaming partners for specific contracts, promotional partners for joint marketing efforts or even referral sources.
      3. Command higher fees. A recent study showed that brand leaders in a specific niche can realise a higher fee than competitors. In fact, the average premium is a whopping 32%!
      4. Attract top talent. Everyone wants to play on a winning team. An effective brand targets the right kind of recruits with messages that speak to their unique needs and desires. Your brand should communicate your company’s vision, values, and culture so that recruits can decide if the company is a good fit.
      5. Your brand sets standards for daily operational performance. It helps management decide what level of service and expertise is required to maintain your competitive advantage, fulfil your brand promise and live up to your company’s values.
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    At ClearBrand we often take part in rebranding projects for clients, from start-ups to SMEs to national brands. Get in touch for a free consultation on how our rebranding services can give your business the edge on your competitors.

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