• Getting a Digital Marketing Internship During a Pandemic


    The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on the job market. According to The Guardian, tens of thousands of people have been made redundant and many companies facing financial struggle have implemented hiring freezes. This has created an increase in competition for the available positions. Unfortunately, those who may have been hit the hardest are university graduates. Entering the world of work when you have little to no experience is difficult; even more so during a global pandemic. However, unlike most companies, ClearBrand are actively looking to support local students and graduates with a graphic design or digital marketing internship.

    A university graduate wearing the cap and gown at home.


    About the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Internships


    ClearBrand currently have two internship schemes available: Digital Marketing and Graphic Design. Aiming to support local talent within 30 miles of Reading (where the office is based), the internships begin at the start of each month and provide invaluable, entry-level experience. The internships are ideal for students and graduates who are struggling to find opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Take me, for example. I’m currently working as a Digital Marketing Intern after six months of unemployment. My graduate role contract came to an end in March, just a few weeks before national lockdown (unfortunate timing, I know!). Since then I have struggled to secure that coveted junior or entry-level role. After feedback from job rejections, I realised I could benefit by gaining more experience in the areas of digital marketing that I was lacking. And so, I joined ClearBrand as a Digital Marketing Intern.

    The internships have a combination of support and teaching alongside independent work on projects. Following tutorials on a set list of relevant modules, the internship begins with a focus on learning essential skills, before tackling set tasks to put your knowledge into practice. As the weeks progress, interns will then create work for clients. Additionally, the internships are flexible with the option to work from home, should the COVID-19 pandemic worsen.

    The lack of relevant job openings combined with numerous application rejections can easily decrease the motivation to find a job. However, after six months locked down at home, getting back into the working routine at ClearBrand has given me the much-needed encouragement to get back into the job hunt, now armed with new knowledge and experience.

    A certificate of completion for the ClearBrand Digital Marketing Internship.

    A certificate will be awarded to all interns who complete the internship scheme.

    How to Apply


    Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, ClearBrand want to support local students and graduates by providing early career opportunities. Interns will be able to learn and practice essential skills to get that head-start in their chosen career.  If you are struggling to find experience within design or digital marketing, the ClearBrand internships can help boost your knowledge alongside gaining skills for a CV or portfolio.

    To find out more on the ClearBrand internship schemes, please visit the ClearBrand Careers page.


    Article written by Kirstin on behalf of ClearBrand, September 2020. 
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