• 5 Reasons To Use Animated Video 

    Animated videos involve using animation to send a message to the viewer.  Instead of reading, most consumers prefer video content. These videos can influence sales, as statistics suggest that 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching an animated video.

    1. Animation creates emotion

    • Consumers can resonate with the emotions in the animation
    • And it tells a story easier than written content or actors
    • The messages animation displays are clear and simplified
    • And the videos can be used across all media channels
    • While customers are more likely to connect with content related to their personal lives

    2. Total creative freedom

    • Animation lets the imagination run wild, it gives the opportunity to create any scene, any action, without having to rely on actors to portray the story
    • And the creativity is limitless
    • Therefore, animated videos are more fun and enjoyable to make and watch

    3. Videos are more memorable

    • Animated videos can increase recall by 15%
    • And customers can match the video to the brand and recall the messages in the video
    • In addition the creativity leaves a longer lasting impact of customers to remember
    • An easier way for customers to understand the business’ purpose, goals and values
    • And the use of videos can change customers perception of a brand and can appeal to new audiences


    4. Animated videos are more engaging

    • Videos grab viewers attention
    • Statistics from 2019 say that after watching a video, 53% of customers engage with the product and brand
    • In addition they are used as entertainment instead of promotion, so customers can enjoy the video
    • Also, characters in the videos seem more trustworthy and the customers can engage with them more

    5. Videos increase conversions

    • Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that turn into customers on the website
    • Videos help ensure users stay on your page for longer and therefore improve your bounce rate
    • Also customers can learn and understand information in the videos easier than written content, meaning they can understand the business and the products better
    • And after watching the video, the viewer is more likely to complete the call to action

    Animation is a powerful tool that a business can use to create engagement, increase conversions and connect with customers. Also, a business can use animation for their marketing, to improve their SEO and to drive sales. A combination of all of the above show how important animated videos are on websites and for advertising.

    Visit ClearBrand Vimeo Profile to see our work and good examples of animated videos. You can view this document to see our process and a few examples too: ClearBrand Motion Portfolio

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    Article written by ClearBrand, July 2020. 
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