• How to get the most out of your healthcare website design


    In the fast-paced digital era, an effective, user-friendly website is crucial for any healthcare organisation to connect with patients, provide information, and deliver seamless services. A well-designed healthcare website enhances the user experience as well as plays a pivotal role in establishing trust and credibility. Here are key features and strategies to help you get the most out of your healthcare website design.


    Focusing on the user experience of your healthcare website:


    A positive user experience in website navigation refers to the ease, efficiency and satisfaction a user feels when interacting with a website’s elements. Achieving a positive user experience is crucial to keep user’s engages and achieving the website’s goals whether that be sales or raising awareness.


    Presenting information in a clear and concise manner is one way that an enjoyable user interaction can be created. Using plain language and avoiding complex medical technology allows for effective communication between the organisation and patients. This can be achieved through using well-organised content, clear headings and specific call-to-action buttons to make information easier to process. Here’s an example designed by ClearBrand showcasing how a positive web user experience aids to doctor-patient communication.

    DAUK healthcare website design

    The DAUK website uses consistent navigation elements and descriptive labels allowing for easy navigation between different pages. Relying on consistent layout and terminology, leading to less confusion and an overall positive experience.


    The impact of call to action buttons in web design:


    Another way of getting the most out of your healthcare website design is by becoming patient-centric through call to action buttons. A well-designed example of this is the PATCHs Health website which encourages users to sign up to their wellbeing programme.

    Using call to action buttons such as ‘Discover more’ and ‘Tell me more’, are highly visible through contrasting colours, concise copy and appropriate sizing on all pages . This streamlines the user journey and prompts the user to make a choice and engage with the website, whether it’s for making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter, this engagement can align users goals with the objectives of the organisation.


    Prioritising a mobile friendly website for your healthcare service:


    Having a mobile-friendly website is important to meet the evolving needs of patients. A study by Dscout has found that ‘the average person touches their mobile phone at least 2,617 times a day’, proving that mobile devices have become popular methods of communication. As mobile usage continues to grow in relation to desktops, adapting to this trend is crucial for healthcare service providers to stay relevant, this mobile-responsive adaptability enhances convenience for patients, making it easier for patients to engage with your healthcare services. Here’s an example of a mobile responsive website design designed by ClearBrand.

    PCMS healthcare website design

    PCMS’ website implements design elements that ensure optimal usability for users accessing the site on various mobile devices. Utilising responsive design techniques ensure that the website adjusts to the user’s screen size ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience across all devices. Using a hamburger menu prioritises essential menu items and reduces crowding the screen with options, allowing for a user-friendly experience increasing consumer satisfaction.


    Designing a healthcare website that serves the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals requires consideration of many factors. By using a patient-centric focus, implementing a positive user experience through clear and concise information and prioritising a focus on a mobile-responsive design can ultimately improve patient satisfaction and the overall quality of the healthcare service you are providing. View examples of other healthcare website design examples created by ClearBrand here to get started. Elevate your business with our design agency, from website design to brand guidelines we can help you bring your business to life. Contact ClearBrand today.

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