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    A strong and cohesive brand identity is paramount in the healthcare industry, and as healthcare brands strive to connect with a variety of audiences, from patients to healthcare professionals, a consistent brand image is essential. The role of healthcare brand guidelines is to ensure that a brands intended message remains clear across all touch points. In this article, we will consider the role that brand guidelines play in defining the identity of healthcare brands.


    What are brand guidelines?

    A brand guideline is a set of rules that define that overall look and feel of your brand. They can help build a clear brand identity and outlines everything from the logo iterations and colour schemes to the typography, brand voice and imagery. Brand guidelines can be used by designers, writers and anyone else looking to use your brands elements like the logo in marketing material.

    healthcare design guidelines


    How can brand guidelines help you establish your brand?

    As the influence of consumerism in the healthcare sector continues to grow, it has become increasingly important to distinguish your brand from others. Healthcare brand guidelines can serve as a strategic tool to communicate, reinforce, and differentiate your brand from competitors in the healthcare industry through:

    • Unique value proposition: by highlighting key services your brand offers that differentiate your healthcare brand from competitors.
    • Visual distinction: unique visual elements such a logos, colour palettes and typography can create a memorable brand identity, contributing to the overall perception of your brand.
    • Brand tone of voice: by crafting a unique voice, your brand can convey its personality towards consumers. This can help your brand understand how to weave your brand values into your patient experience.
    • Drive for innovation: If your brand is based on innovation and technology, guidelines can showcase this aspect involving certain visuals and language to convey a sense of expertise that consumers can trust.

    Healthcare brand guidelines may often provide guidance on storytelling elements that can convey the brands history and mission creating a personal connection to the consumer in order to highlight your brand’s achievements. While they may not explicitly outline competitive advantages, they provide the framework for expressing your brand’s unique attributes and strengths.


    Why are brand guidelines important for your healthcare brand?



    When the same branding guidelines are used across all marketing elements, brand consistency is created. Consistency leads to repetition and recognition by consumers and clients, potentially leading them to choose your brand over competitors. Greenbrook’s healthcare brand guidelines below has used the same visual elements – clean icon styles, sans serif font and shades of green and blue across all material. View the full project here on the ClearBrand website.


    When healthcare brand guidelines are in place, your brand’s elements are all used effectively and can look professional anytime they are used. Professionalism is key in the healthcare sector as it allows your brand to communicate trust and credibility to patients. Professional brand guidelines provide a foundation that allows healthcare brands to incorporate innovations while maintaining their brand identity. An example of this is PCMS’s brand guidelines presented below. Their guidelines are visually professional and consistent, and this allows PCMS to approach larger practices with ease. View the full project here on the ClearBrand website.


    Clarity in communication

    Clear and concise communication is vital in healthcare to ensure that patients and other stakeholders understand complex information. Clear brand guidelines provide a framework for effective communication by establishing standards for typography, imagery, and layout. This ensures that information is presented in a way that is easy to understand, reducing the risk of miscommunication and enhancing overall patient knowledge. Omega Diagnostics rebrand by ClearBrand involved the creation of healthcare brand guidelines that presented information in a logical method by using contents and clear title pages to make it easy for users to interpret the content. View the full project here on the ClearBrand website.

    healthcare design guidelines

    How can ClearBrand help your brand?

    The importance of healthcare design guidelines is not just about presenting a recognisable logo, it is about binding a narrative that echoes reliability and trust to all stakeholders interested in your healthcare brand. View examples of other healthcare branding examples created by ClearBrand here to get started. Elevate your business with our design agency, from logos to comprehensive brand guidelines we can help you bring your business to life. Contact us today whether you are looking to promote an existing brand or create a new one.

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