• What is the role of non-profit branding in the charity sector? 

    non-profit branding

    Non-profit branding is essential in helping build support and to direct focus on the non-profits mission. Also, a brand’s identity can gain more interest as well as commitment from donors and volunteers. A strong brand helps present clear messages, create new opportunities and optimise outreach.

    Brand messages resonate 

    Charities can differentiate themselves against others through non-profit branding. They can also find an audience who mutually believe in the cause.  The brand can be used to communicate messages to their audience. These messages generate an emotional response, and create further awareness and outreach. Therefore having a brand behind the messages makes it easier for people to resonate with the brand. In addition, having a recognisable brand helps audiences connect and understand messages. Audiences remember messages that are attached with a brand logo, name, colours and slogan.


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    Non-profit branding creates solidarity

    While internally the brand shows the identity of the organisation, the mission, values and activities. And externally the brand reflects the image in stakeholder’s minds about the organisation. The non-profits brand identity acts as a bridge. This closes the communication gap between the organisation’s goals, donors, volunteers, government and beneficiaries.

    Non-profit brands gain opportunities

    A brand gives an organisation a reputation, responsibilities and opportunities. These opportunities include being able to connect with people on social media. This helps the brand reach wider audiences all over the world to share their message. In addition, there could the opportunity to have a branding launch or event for a branding campaign. These events help raise awareness and increase support for a non-profit organisation and help their cause. Also, if a brand has a strong, positive reputation, this increases trust as well as donations. 

    Brands have consistency

    Brands link experience and strategy together. They create experiences for audiences to actively engage with. A brand helps the non-profits to continue to express why they matter and gives meaning. It helps the organisation to remain relevant, gain attention and recognition. Also, by having an understanding of their audience’s motivations, brands can adapt their strategy and messaging. This helps to gain trust and loyalty. As well as, having consistent brand guidelines across communication channels builds trust.

    Non-profit branding helps fundraising

    Brands use messages, logos, colours and images to create an emotional response. These features can help brands connect on an emotional level with their audiences. Connecting on this level can positively impact on their fundraising efforts and raise more money.

    The role of branding is important, especially in the non-profit sector. Branding could be seen as more important for them because they call for people to invest their time and money in a less tangible cause.

    Examples of our non-profit branding work:

    • Our new charity partner is Launchpad. Launchpad is Reading’s leading homelessness prevention charity, ClearBrand is working on their monthly marketing –  Launchpad
    • Hafen Kirche is a church in the heart of Frankfurt. They approached ClearBrand for branding and website design – HafenKirche

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    Article written by ClearBrand, July 2020. 
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