• When should I rebrand? 6 signs and solutions 

    Rebranding could enable your business to attract core customers while clarifying your business’ personality, promises and position in the market.  The starting point is knowing when to rebrand. 

    Is it time for you to rebrand?


    Identifying the signs that it is time to rebrand is the first step to building your brand back up and implementing change for success.



    1. Your brand name no longer reflects your brand vision and goals.
    If your brand name doesn’t connect with your vision and goals, potential customers could be confused and not understand your brand. Rebranding can change this.

    2. You’re failing to differentiate your brand against your competition.
    If you subconsciously adopt your competitors characteristics, you are undifferentiated against them. If by trying to compete against them you become too similar to them then it is time to change, in order to stand out and be original.

    3. You’ve changed your business model or strategy which no longer connects to your brand name.
    By changing your business model or strategy you might be seeking new audiences or changing direction but feel restricted by your brand that no longer compliments the changes you made.

    4. It has been 5 years since you last rebranded or made any tweaks to your brand.
    Companies tend to rebrand every 5 years, often to match the business plan. This may not be a full rebrand but could be used to make tweaks to reflect and redefine the brand to push it into the next level and stand-out against competitors in local and international markets

    5. The business has recently undergone a change.
    This could be due to takeovers, new management, a change of ownership. It is helpful to distinguish away from the previous structure and highlight the change in the business through a rebrand.

    6. You have outgrown your brand.
    If the quality of your branding and the quality of the business no longer match, a rebrand can help align these aspects of your business once again. You want to be able to compete with competitors on a higher level and need your brand to be recognised as higher tier.



    1. Get your customers feedback, what can you improve?
    Your customers could highlight key features of your brand that could be improved. Such as, that the customer gets confused between you and another brand, either by logo, colours or other traits.  You can find out what your customers think, feel and expect in regard to your brand.

    2. Identify what is going wrong, why are you not connecting with your target audience?
    Rebranding involves different areas, which rebranding service will suit you best?

    3. Take it back to basics – clarify your vision, strategy, goals and values.
    You want your vision, strategy, goals and values to align and for your brand to reflect this.

    4.  Always support and promote your brand – show your passion.
    If you have lost faith in your brand, then this will filter down to your customers who could disconnect with your brand too. Because showing your passion translates into your brand, you want your brand to be a living presence in the market.

    5. Research your brand, customers and competitors.
    Understanding these key areas will help make your strategy stronger and make your rebranding more effective. You want to be able to understand and communicate your brand identity.

    6. Be consistent and persistent.
    You have to put in the time and effort to push your brand to where you want and believe it should be. Once you have rebranded, you want everyone to know and understand it.

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