• Top 5 Branding Trends 2020  

    There have been numerous trends so far in 2020 in the business and marketing world. Below are the top 5 branding trends that we think are here to stay beyond 2020. So, brands take notes!

    1. Using Immersive Technology

    To engage customers, brands have been using artificial intelligence (AI). They have been able to guide their users throughout the buyer journey, by using lives chats at all times. This immersive technology also enhances shopping experiences, navigation around websites and customer service experiences.  It assures customers that the brand is there for them, to answer their questions any time. The live chat feature is convenient, as it connects them directly to an agent, who answers the query in real time. Immersive technology has been described as a competitive advantage for brands, because it increases sales, saves time and creates a sustainable customer base.

    2. Having a social conscience

    It has become more apparent that brands need to care about the same causes their consumers do. Demonstrating sustainability can increase trust and loyalty. In addition, by having a social conscience the brand and business could use renewable energy and other sustainable resources. Also a strong code of ethics, diversity and equality help a brand be socially conscious.  Consumers want to feel connected on a social and political level with brands that they invest their time and money in.  Brands can show their social conscience through donations, as well as encouraging others to take the steps to support causes.  Furthermore, a social conscience is a way for a brand to show the responsibility they have to their customers and the wider world.

    3. Investing in mobile websites

    Brands have been investing in mobile websites to increase mobile user interaction. This can be increased through mobile website design, speed, and simplicity of content. The increased usage of screen time on mobile devices highlights that mobile devices are more powerful than desktops, and because consumers can access information anytime, anywhere. Having mobile websites are important because they increase a brands creditability while making them feel modern and relevant. It is valuable to have a website that is compatible with any device, especially as research found that mobile websites are the preferred way for consumers to assess content online.  It is not only consumers who prefer mobile websites, google prioritises mobile friendly websites.

    Examples from our portfolio:

    4. Using influencers

    Content creators increase brand awareness on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. The use of these websites similarly highlights the importance of mobile sites. These people are paid to promote a brand’s message, as well as the brand’s products or services. They also often have a large following and so influence the buying decisions of a lot of people. Influencers drive organic traffic to a brand’s website, they also improve SEO rankings and generate sales with direct links to the brands website. In addition, their content is creative and acts like user-generated content.  Their view is deemed unbiased, and due to this they establish trust and loyalty on social media. This trust and loyalty is a valuable asset for the brand.

    5. Creating educational content

    This is valuable content which educates consumers, who are looking to brands for more than just products and services, such as: lifestyle suggestions, how to do, procedures, resources and accountability. Educational content on interesting topics drives brand engagement, because of providing the answers to what consumers want to know. Brands can spend more time creating content and educational resources for consumers while establishing their expertise against competitors. Also educational content builds trust between consumers and brands. While brands seem more reliable, the consumers develop an understanding of how the brands products and services will benefit them.

    Those are the top 5 branding trends we have identified for 2020. Unlike some trends throughout the years, these 5 trends could be long lasting and be essential for current and future brands to implement.

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    Article written by ClearBrand, July 2020. 
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